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Europa Nostra

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The European Voice of Civil Society committed to Cultural Heritage

Europa Nostra is a pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage, representing citizens’ organisations that work on safeguarding Europe’s cultural and natural heritage. It is the voice of this movement to relevant international bodies, in particular the European Union, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

Europa Nostra mission:

  • To give shape and voice to an ever-growing citizens’ movement to support cultural and natural heritage across Europe
  • To be forceful advocates of heritage – with its multiple benefits

    for our economy, society, culture and the environment – towards
    policy-makers at all levels of governance.

  • To promote best practices in the heritage field across Europe.
  • To campaign to save Europe’s most endangered heritage sites and support actions led by our member organisations.

IFLA Europe and Europa Nostra are working closely as members of European Heritage Alliance 3.3

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