Lands Design supports IFLA Europe General Assembly 2023!

Lands Design supports IFLA Europe General Assembly 2023!

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Bridging Lost Landscapes and the Future of Landscape Architecture

In response to the urgent acceleration of landscape changes and interconnected global crises, Lands Design aligns with the “Lost Landscapes” concept. We acknowledge the risk of losing local identity due to homogenization.

Lands Design views landscape identity as evolving through social perception, emphasizing its dynamic nature. We operate as an “operating memory,” fostering innovative design processes without dwelling on the past.

Landscape Architecture, in our vision, is vital for transforming our habitat, bridging nature, culture, technology, and imagination. We practice as critical thinkers, addressing design aspects, society, and the environment.

Our focus lies in everyday landscapes, adapting to human-induced and environmental challenges. We eagerly participate in the ‘Lost Landscapes’ conference, contributing to the discourse on reshaping our world through landscape architecture.

Lands Design as a professional landscape design software, provides powerful tools to design, model and document landscape project. In addition, it offers the possibility to analyse the environmental impacts of any landscape project.

Lands Design is the BIM software specifically developed for landscape architects.

Its main features are:
- BIM technology for documentation and collaboration
- Extensive plant database with seasonal displays and botanical data
- Powerful grading tools quantifying the Earth moving operations
- Perpetual license
- Technical 2D drawing linked to 3D model
- Parametric design integration and environmental analysis
- Impressive visualization options (renderings, display modes, etc.)

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