Arno Schmid

Arno Schmid Arno Schmid


Professor Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Landscape Architect BDLA FASLA IFLA DASL Educated in Weihenstephan Germany.

Degree (Dipl.-Ing.FH) 1961. Resident Landscape Architect in resort developments on New Providence Island, Nassau, Bahamas 1961 – 1973. Joined the BDLA (Federation of German Landscape Architects) in 1961, admitted as member in the ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) in 1963. Returned to Germany in 1973, and became a partner in the private practice office of Eppinger + Schmid, Landscape Architects, later Prof. Schmid-Treiber-Partner in Leonberg. The office addresses a wide range of projects, from landscape and environmental planning to landscape architecture and town planning. Received many Prizes in Design Competitions. Lecturer (1986 Professor) for Landscape Architecture at HfT, Stuttgart 1977-2002. Acted as Juror and Jury Chair in national and international Design Competitions. Scientific Director for Landscape at the International Building Exhibition “Emscher Park” 1989-1995. Served in many honorary functions: German delegate to IFLA (1977 to 1996), President of BDLA (1983-1989), Vice President of EFLA 1989-1992, President of IFLA (1996-2000) and President of the BAK (Federal Chamber of German Architects) (2004-2010). Elected member of DASL (German Academy for Town and Country Planning), Fellow of the ASLA, Honorary Member of the BDLA.

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