Diana Culescu

Diana Culescu Diana Culescu

Secretary General



President of the Romanian National Association AsoP. Diana is active in IFLA EUROPE issues since 2008 through Romanian Landscape Architects Association - AsoP. She is President of AsoP since 2016 and has been active in numerous activities: together with AsoP Delegate Ioana Tudora, she coordinated organisation of the 2017 IFLA Europe Conference & General Assembly in Bucharest; since 2018 she volunteered as Liaison Officer of IFLA Europe for the European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA)
and European Green Cities initiative. Through this collaboration, she is currently acting on shaping the collaboration with several other European organisations (ENA - European Nursery Stock Association, Federation of European Green Roof Associations - EFB, WUP - World Urban Parks, EILO - European Interior Landscape Organisation, and VYL - The Finnish Association of Landscape Industries) under a future SOGreen Sector organisation. She is involved in IFLA Europe Working Group on Professional Recognition Assistance as well as EU Policies Working Group on European Green Deal which she is chairing.

Diana Culescu obtained her Bachelor Diploma, in Landscape Architecture field from the Landscape Architecture Department of the Faculty of Horticulture from the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, with Master Diploma on Integrated Urban Development field (2008) from Academic School for Postgraduate Studies of the University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” Bucharest in collaboration with the Academy of Economic Studies, the Technical University of Construction Bucharest,the University of Bucharest and L’Institut de Sciences Appliquees (INSA) from Lyon - France. She obtained her PhD in Horticulture field (2015) from the Faculty of Horticulture from the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest - Doctor in Horticulture title acquired based on the thesis “Development of a quality assessment method for urban green spaces”

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