Elzelina Van Melle

Elzelina Van Melle Elzelina Van Melle



Elzelina is IFLA Europe Delegate since 2019 and has already been working very closely with IFLA Europe Professional Recognition Assistance (PRA) Working group and previously on Communications and professional practice issues at our General Assemblies.


  • Educated from ENSP Versailles and Copenhagen University after a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Paris
  • French, English, Danish
  • Professional activities: Teaching bachelor level in landscape architecture at the University of Copenhagen, independent practice with studio EVM Landscape (project, science-communication, research, planting design).

She has been member of the Board of the Danish Landscape Association the last 5 years and IFLA Europe Delegate since 2019. Elzelina is French and living in Denmark. She teaches landscape architecture at the University of Copenhagen with a special focus on urban nature and science communication, with a interest in bridging the gap between theory and practice. Educated from Versailles (FR) and Copenhagen (DK) after a bachelor in art and design, Elzelina has her own business in Copenhagen from which she draws and advice primarily on the subjects of urban farming, urban ecology and planting design.

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