Frida Bjorg Edvardsdottir

Frida Bjorg Edvardsdottir Frida Bjorg Edvardsdottir



Fríða Björg Eðvarðsdóttir studied horticulture at the Icelandic Horticultural school in Iceland and graduated as a landscape architect from University of Guelph, Ontario Canada in 1984.

She has been working both in the public sector and private, currently working at VSO Consulting as a certified Landscape Architect with focus on Planning schemes, project designs for kindergarten, homes for elderly and Co-work with engineers in street design and urban infrastructure.

From 1998 until 2007 she was working in the National Planning Agency, Preparation of expert opinions, organisation and evaluation of design and architectural projects for green and rural plans, mostly for the interior Highland of Iceland.

She has participated in several Pilot projects: Landscape analysis and Environmental Assessments of Communities.

She has been on the Board of Icelandic Landscape Architects FÍLA, and as a IFLA Europe Delegate from 2020.

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