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Ioana Tudora is an architect, teaching since 1998 at the Landscape Architecture Department of University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest. Since 2016 she is member of the National Heritage Commission for Bucharest Area. In 2016 she was also counselor of the State Secretary on Heritage – Ministry of
Culture, being in charge with cultural landscape politics.

She is also working at RPR_birou de studii contemporane ( as architect and landscape architect, so contributing to the landscape architecture practice in Romania and tackling post-industrial rehabilitation projects, landscape urbanism and urban design projects or development strategies.

She was equally involved in research projects concerning the quality of public urban space, urban and landscape design and cultural landscapes in the frame of different national and international research projects and grants (Getty-NEC, NEC – Europa program, AUF, CNCSIS, ORTE Austria).

She was collaborating with Haute Ecole Charlemagne, Belgium; Architecture Faculty of Technic University Vienna; L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage, Blois, France; L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage, Lille, France, University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu, Bucharest.

Among her theoretical contributions concerning the urban landscape we can mention The politics of kitch. Landscape design between local identity and exoticism – in EFLA Journal no.1, 2011, Looking down on or looking up to Bucharest public spaces. Militari – Drumul Taberei in-between vernacular design and urban policies – in Cities Methodologies | Bucharest, Ed. UNARTE, 2011; Opening the public spaces: Magheru- Balcescu along the green axis of Bucharest and facing the city and Green Network for Bucharest – Integrating the Industrial infrastructures in Scales of Nature, 48th IFLAWorld Congress Proceedings, 2011; Les effets des politiques urbaines du XIXe siècle sur les jardins bucarestois comme espaces des habitations in Etudes Balkaniques no 17/2010, Paris; In the yards of Bucharest - ECLAS 2010 Istanbul
Proceedings, 2010; In the Yard. Garden, Neighbourhood and Urban Landscape in Bucharest, ed. Curtea Veche, Bucharest, 2009; New Urban Life for a World Heritage Site. The Restoration of Squares in Sibiu –Topos no.61, Munich, 2007; Le devenir des blocs de la période socialiste in Etudes Foncières, no. 126/mars-avril, Paris, 2007;
Uses of the Public Urban Space: Society, Communities and Individual in Urban Reality in Getty New Europe College Year Book, 2004.

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