Jelena Jovanović

Jelena Jovanović Jelena Jovanović



Jelena Jovanović studied Landscape architecture at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry, department of Landscape architecture. Professional practice started in Erfurt, Germany, and continued working for City of Belgrade in Company for public utility as a designer for 12 years, after which she started her own Landscape architecture studio. Currently working as senior landscape architect for Stockholm, Sweden.

Over professional years she mostly worked as a designer on landscape projects of various sizes and types (public, corporate and private) but also as a manager on preparing and implementing GIS strategies. She Participated in the preparation of urban development plans of various sizes in terms of nature conservation and protection of urban green spaces. She is interested in the field of landscape architecture of different scales knowingly that changing scales gives a broader perspective and coherent solution, aiming to apply resilient solutions for complex problems that urban environments are facing nowadays.

She is member of Serbian Chamber of Engineers, Association of Landscape Architects of Serbia (UPAS) and since 2020 a Board Member.

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