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Maja Simoneti is trained as a landscape architect and has been active as a landscape architect, and spatial and urban planner for more than thirty years. She gained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in landscape architecture at the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Biotechnics, and a PhD in urban and spatial planning at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, both at the University of Ljubljana. She used to be part of a team of spatial planners, urban designers, and landscape architects at LUZ d.d., one of the largest spatial planning and engineering companies in Slovenia, working on large, medium, and small-scale projects, researching and designing green and public open spaces participating in various interdisciplinary and international programs.

She now advocates for public interests in spatial planning and management as a project manager at IPoP – Institute for Spatial Policies, an NGO, research and consultancy based in Ljubljana. Recently she has been mostly preoccupied with green and public space management, concepts of walkable and healthy cities, adaptation of cities to climate change, and participation in spatial planning and management. Maja Simoneti is a member and one of the former presidents of DKAS – Društvo krajinskih arhitektov Slovenije [Slovenian Association of Landscape Architects], and charted landscape architect and spatial planner and an honorary member of the ZAPS - Zbornica za arhitekturo in prostor Slovenije [Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia] which awarded her the Platinum Pencil Award for her life work in 2022. Simoneti has authored and co-authored numerous planning studies, conceptual proposals, competitive tenders, scientific and popular articles, and publications such as Mestne zelene površine [City Green Spaces], Mestno drevje [City Trees], Pot, največja načrtovana zelena javna površina [Path of Remembrance and Comrades: The Biggest Planned Green Public Space], and Berilo za trajnostno urejanje prostora [Reader on Sustainable Spatial Planning].

Photo: Mateja Jordovič Potočnik

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