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Momir Pavletic is licensed landscape architect from Croatia with 15+ years of experience in the field of landscape architecture, design, spatial and urban planning, architectural visualizations and landscape project construction supervision with interests for GIS and BIM as an intelligent approach to planning and designing. After achieving a Master’s Degree in landscape architecture from the University of Zagreb, Croatia (2007), he was employed at Urbanistic Institute of City of Zagreb (UZGZ d.o.o.) and worked as a Spatial planner and lead landscape architect till 2014. In year 2014. He continued his professional career at Consult & engineering company (Jurcon Projekt d.o.o.) from Zagreb (Croatia) as lead landscape architect and associate spatial planner. In year 2018 he started his own Landscape architecture studio (MOPART-Landscape architecture, visualizations and consulting) which is his current workplace. He is a member of Croatian chamber of licensed architects (2010) and executive Council member of Croatian Association of Landscape Architects (CALA 2012). In 2017 he obtained Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia’s permit for work on cultural heritage projects conservation. Trough professional progress he has collected experience in various fields of work, from physical planning, spatial studies and landscape projects of various scales and fields (public, corporate, residential, tourism,industrial, protection and conservation, green infrastructure) including participating in domestic and international Urban/Landscape/Architectural competitions as competitor and expert jury member. His expertise was praized at several international professional conferences for his work in the field of spatial planning. Beside practical professional activities, he is also engaged in International and domestic professional conferences as speaker on themes of landscape architecture. Specialties: Landscape Architecture, Landscape/Architectural visualization, Urban Planning and design, Graphic Design and Landscape projects construction supervision. Projects: Public, Residential, Cultural heritage conservation, Tourism landscapes, Industrial landscapes, Sports and recreational landscapes, Revitalization and recovery of exploitation sites and urban planning.

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