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Nikola Watté endeavors, through the projects, to reveal the genius of the living in synergy with human genius.

Starting from the idea that everything that makes up the project is there and that the landscape architect, through his analysis, his tools, his collaborations, his forward-looking
approach, brings a bundle of solutions that feed the project to reconcile man and nature.

Reconcile human genius in his will to develop, his curiosity and thirst for experimentation while understanding enough nature to preserve it and get the best out of it. Do with rather than against, like Gilles Clément’s approach.

Approached at different scales of interventions, actions on the landscape, from the garden to the great territory, from the natural to the industrial, from the private to the social, Nikola Watté endeavors to take the time to analyse the situations in which he has been or is confronted, its way of approaching the problems, the success or not of the actions

Today Nikola Watté likes to change spatial or temporal scale, to experiment and analyse the practice of landscape in the Mediterranean, drought, imprints of vernacular practices, challenges of the future (energy transition, urban density, preservation of natural environments. ..).

Nikola Watté offers his knowledge in the service of many projects, knowledge sharing through educational or shared workshops, private gardens, large-scale projects, territorial
projects, participative democracy, urbanity or natural spaces.

Nikola Watté regularly collaborates with multidisciplinary teams that feed the approach initiated from the foundations of his career.

His associative journey led him within the FFP to organise numerous exchange events around landscape issues. He took part in the various recognition workshops of the Tite “Paysagiste concepteur” and in its promotion on French territory. Today he wishes to carry this commitment within IFLA Europe.

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