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Paula Simões Paula Simões



Paula Simões (born in Coimbra, 1974, Portugal)

Landscape Architect and an Assistant Professor at the University of Évora. With a Degree in Landscape Architecture (1998), a Master in “Anthropology – Heritage and Identities” (2002) and a PhD on Arts and Techniques of the Landscape (2015), she teaches on Landscape Architecture Degree and Master the courses of Theory and Practice of Landscape Architecture Design, Construction Detailing and CAD.

Memberof CHAIA, investigation centre of the University of Évora, her research interests focuses on the theme of the landscape design, landscape transformation and landscape as a power.

Partner of Sítio e Lugar, Lda - founded in 2000 and based in Lisbon (Portugal) - the firm’s core business is Landscape Architecture and they design and develop works at different levels and scales. Sítio e Lugar, Lda develop a multifaceted and interdisciplinary work of Arts, studies and landscape projects and seek respects the identity of the place and they base their design on aesthetic, ecological and functional criteria.

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