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Varpu Mikola Varpu Mikola



Varpu Mikola is a landscape architect seeking out socially and ecologically responsible solutions. To her responsibility means sustainable use of natural resources and a strong relationship with the environment. In an urbanising world it is essential to strengthen each and everyone’s appreciation and relation to nature. Landscape architects have a significant role in this, for example, by facilitating the accessibility of biodiverse green areas for everyone.

She holds a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Helsinki University of Technology (2009). After graduation she gained professional experience in private sector designing urban and residential green areas as well as working with landscape planning and planning policies. In Aalto University she worked as a university teacher in the field of landscape planning and landscape management. In 2015 she co-founded Nomaji Landscape Architects with three colleagues. The office is a forerunner in socially and ecologically responsible solutions with endeavour to make benefits of living infrastructure recognized.

Varpu has been a board member in MARK, the Finnish
Association of Landscape Architects since 2020.

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