2022 Baumkirchen Mitte

Since 2013 in Berg am Laim, Munich, the “Baumkirchen Mitte” city district was developed on a former railway depot of 15 ha.After70 years of railway use it offers space for 1300 residents, facilities for every day needs, and an ecological priority area. Almost half of the area has been designated as an ecological reserve. The railway depot has developed into a near-natural railway brown fields after the decommissioning. Soil, poor in humus, hardly store any water and thus promote sparse, lean grasslands. This has created a “hot spot” and an “incubator” for biodiversity, which in combination with remaining railway tracks, gives the area a special identity. Several protected animal species have created habitats here due to the dry and hot site conditions ideal for them. By means of elaborate monitoring and specially developed footbridges, it was possible to comply with nature conservation requirements and still provide barrier-free access for residents. It has been possible to stage the peculiarity of the decay on the former railway site in such a way thatone can recognize the unique beauty of the area. Meanwhile, the area has developed into a highly attractive place for the residents

Authors: mahl gebhard konzepte
Photo Credit: Marcus Hassler/Sonja Weber/Stefan Ondracek
Country: Germany


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