2022 Crystal Gardens of NV Tower

NV Tower is the first example of а vertical forest multi-storey building in Bulgaria, accomplished in Sofia city. The 106m high building hosts more than 200 trees and 7000 plants on its 21floors and surrounding park. The building improves microclimate in the region, increases air humidity, filters dust particles, has positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Vegetation is well integrated as intensive roof gardens on every floor and resembles spilling ‘green lava’ from the roof to the surrounding public park. The symbolic of nature and crystals is intertwined in the roof garden‘s design by one of their most distinctive features – their color. The main vegetation color of every roof garden corresponds to the crystal it’s named after. The tree ‘spine’ is composed of evergreens, which provide effect all year round and wind protection. The deciduous predominate species with high ornamental value which add dynamics, volume, color and texture during different seasons, increasing biodiversity.

NV tower is an example of social engaged and climate positive project which re-considers nature in many ways.

Authors: Landscape Design Studio / Dobromira Lulcheva – landscape architect
Photo Credit:
Country: Bulgaria


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