2022 Kopli Birch Park

The most important aspect of the new landscape architectural solution was to retain and feature the natural look and the boulder field as much as possible. Particular attention was paid to providing activities in fresh air for various people. You can do sports, play games, walk your dog and simply enjoy nature but at the same time also withdraw from the crowd, meditate with the boulders or merely relax in green solitude. In order to retain the current environment as much as possible, the activities have been scattered in the small pockets around the park. It is important to keep the activities abstract and open-ended so that the users and players could decide for themselves how to make use of the features. For instance, there are puddles with steppingstones, hillocks and hollows for collecting rainwater, tubes and piles of rocks as well as sticks and blocks of wood for crawling and climbing. But at the same time also more traditional elements such as a skatepark, swings and ping pong tables. Also design by maintenance is practiced here, for instance, with tracks scythed in tall grass leading to the boulder field. Smaller mowed areas and picnic places between taller plants create quiet nooks for withdrawal. The landscaping was complemented with sweet mock orange, common snowberry and fly honeysuckle providing habitat and shelter for smaller birds

Authors: Heiki Kalberg, Tanel Breede, Merle Karro - Kalberg (AB Artes Terrae)
Photo Credit: Maris Tomba
Country: Estonia


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