2022 Park Mitte, Hamburg-Altona

On the site of a former freight depot in Hamburg-Altona, a new quarter is being built with a central park. The huge steel skeleton of the freight depot remains as a witness to the former railway system and thus becomes an identity-creating pacemaker for the geometrical park design. Starting from the prop grid, a tree grid plays over the wide park. This tree architecture forms a sovereign green body vis-à-vis the city. The sharply cut step edges, path lines and tree grid draw clear and generous spaces with memorable perspectives that playfully overlap with free plant growth and the activities of park visitors. As a reverence to the city’s global trading tradition, the diverse trees are designed as a maple park. In autumn, the park revels in a bright ‘Indian summer’ together with the Hamburg clinker brick facades. The lowered meadow and the park steps link function and recreation in a natural way. As a storage volume, the depression absorbs the periodic backwater from the urban rainwater system. It is part of the city’s climate strategy. In time, with the relocation of another railway station, the park will connect with an existing green corridor through the city to the Elberiver.

Authors: Krebs und Herde Landschaftsarchitekten, Winterthur (Switzerland) Lagerplatz 21, CH - 8400 Winterthur
Photo Credit: Ferdinand Graf Lutner
Country: Germany


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