2022 Ranta-Tampella Public Outdoor Spaces

Ranta-Tampella is a new residential area located north of Tampere center on the shore side of Lake Näsijärvi. The comprehensive planning project started as a competiton win in 2014. Since then Maanlumo has designed the general plan and the landscape architectural vision for the whole area.

The concept of the public spaces is based on the intertwining of the new urban environment and the natural environment of Lake Näsijärvi. The vegetation is designed with natural and dynamic aspects and recycled materials are used in the stone walls, pavements, and shoreline construction.

The design of bridges and canal are seamless part of the landscape architecture. The unique character of the canal is created by concrete walls with reliefs.

Kiiskisaarenpuisto Park consist of three different parts: The longitudial waterfront park and the two small parks between the residential buildings. The design of the pocket parks is fading out the structures of the underground parking and the height differences are utilized in a playground and an outdoor auditorium.

The Gustaf Asp Square opens towards the lake being also the end of the canal axis. The large granite stairs descend to canal creating sitting areas and a visual connection between the square, bridge, canal, and lake.

Authors: Landscape architecture office Maanlumo Ltd
Photo Credit: Photos cover,1,2,3 Maanlumo Photo 4 Jussi Murole
Country: Finland


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