2022 Revitalisation of Linear Landscape Elements in Královice u Slaného

The Municipality of Královice u Slaného has a unique genius loci and, above all, a mayor who has been leading the village for years with both his head and (mainly) with his heart. The village, which is wedged in a valley between fields of arable land, derives its natural landscape potential from the Bakovský Creek and the vegetation along it. The existing roads, paths and borders between fields which enable movement through the landscape are secondary features.

Through several stages of revitalisation of landscape elements, we helped create a high-quality landscape system that works both with the current needs of local residents as well with the long-term development horizon of the area.

First, we focused on a typical feature of the Czech landscape: tree allées which accompany paths. We established several allées of native tree species, planting a total of over 700 trees. We preserved the natural herbaceous meadow community undergrowth where maintenance management allowed. The transformation of a defunct agricultural cooperative on the village outskirts into an equestrian centre has also affected the surrounding landscape, with intensely-used arable land being turned into pasture.

The second stage of the revitalization project focused on the Bakovský Creek, along which we created new vegetation areas and a set of ponds to increase the landscape’s water retention capacity. In collaboration with the municipal authorities, we marked out the main walking paths and installed rest stops and original sculptures made from the wood of felled trees along the paths. A site featuring a majestic willow tree next to the horse pasture is now a venue for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

The completion of this project does not mark the end of our work in the area, however. Another concept was developed this year that focuses on expansion of walking paths around beekeeping, a wedding trail and a playful interpretative trail with tasks for visitors of all ages.

Country: Czech Republic
Title: Revitalization of linear landscape elements in Královice u Slaného
Author: Living in green s.r.o.
Exact address: Cadastral area of the Municipality of Královice
Investor: Municipality of Královice
General contractor: Gardenline s.r.o.
Budget: CZK 8,490,000
Date of completion: 2021
Photos: Terézie Dvořáková, Tom Heinz

Authors: Living in green s.r.o
Photo Credit: Terézie Dvořáková, Tom Heinz
Country: Czech Republic


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