2022 Rustonka

The architecture of the complex reflects the original industrial character of the site and its genius loci. Simple buildings border the triangular plot and create a large public space with cafés, promenades and extensive vegetation. Landscape architect, Martin Barry and architects designed the basic layout of the paved and green areas. Jana Pyšková subsequently joined the team as another landscape architect and plant specialist. The space is articulated both horizontally and vertically – with wide promenades running alongside the buildings to a square with two fountains and a sculpture ‘Vista Mars’ by Jiří Příhoda. The vertical articulation defined by ramps, staircases and walls, makes the space more dynamic. Atypical white benches in the recreation lawn are not only popular pieces of furniture but present artistic features in their own right. The clean, geometric layout is contrasted with the wild nature-like character of the vegetation. It acts as an extension to the vast ‘urban prairie’ just beyond the road that stretches to the Vltava River. The alleys around the perimeter of the complex comprise plane trees, typical of the Karlín district. Trees in the open areas and shrubs in the grassy jungle are, with a few exceptions, of native origin. Extensive fields of perennials and grasses add biodiversity and habitat as well as an aesthetic, with the waving grasses introducing a sense of tranquility. The species composition is based on local conditions; helping to promote biodiversity, habitat creation and a limited demand for maintenance.

Apart from a small area of recreational lawn, which is irrigated with water from a rainwater tank, the remaining vegetation will survive on natural, local rainwater sources. Most of the water that falls on the area of the complex is absorbed on site. Retention of rainwater, mitigation of the heat island effect, promotion of biodiversity and low resource requirements are all valuable benefits. Ruston is not only a beautiful place but also an oasis for nature in the heart of the city.

Author of the landscape design: Martin Barry and Jana Pyšková
Architect: CMC architects a.s.
Address Sokolovská, Praha 8
General Contractor: GEOSAN - BAK
Implementation of landscape design: Marigreen art s.r.o., České zahrady
Budget: NA
Completion date: 2019/2020

Authors: Martin Barry and Jana Pyšková
Photo Credit:
Country: Czech Republic


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