2022 STEM Garden of Anatolia College

Anatolia College has its own part of history, spanning more than 90 years in Thessaloniki’s suburban area, one of the first capsules of buildings and gardens in the suburban landscape of Thessaloniki of the 20th century. In regards to the Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center (Science – Technology – Education – Mathematics) the philosophy of landscape design was based on four main aspects; a) making a new landscape landmark where students could enjoy an open classroom, b) promoting ecology and especially SUDs as a reality and an element of education for the students c) emphasize on ‘temporality’ and planting scheme change through the seasons and d) make a home of as much entomological wildlife and other small invertebrates. The landscape design was guided by the de-construction of regularity; the outer space tries to follow the building concept of geometrical forms, yet, by ‘dissolving’ its austere character i.e. placing an “incomplete eclipse” as the main seating place. The STEM gardens’ philosophy is based on the treatment of rainwater as a source of life and not as waste, as well as on the reduction of the effects of urbanization on the natural water cycle, thus creating two rain gardens on the east and west of the building. Thirty (30) different plants mainly Mediterranean species, create an example of a garden based on perennials, grasses and herbs. Reconsidering nature, i.e. via ‘brown is the new green’ is strongly supported by leaving plants that have turned yellow-brown through the autumn and winter and only cut end of March, to educate on a new garden culture, where not all is evergreen and ‘tamed’ in rectangular forms.

Authors: Landscape Architects: Project leader: Lena Athanasiadou, Collaborators landscape architects: Dimitris Metaxas, Ioanna Emmanouil, Alexandros Mpantogias
Photo Credit: Lena Athanasiadou
Country: Greece


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