2022 The Remisepark

Remiseparken is a green gem hidden in the centre of the housing development Urbanplanen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Between the large buildings, cherry plums, hazel and birch trees grow, and at the staffed playground, the Farm, goats graze. Remiseparken is a wonderful green pocket in Copenhagen, and the goal of BOGL’s renewal project was to transform the park into a safe and attractive destination.

A key focus of the project is to tie the area together and create new connections while also enhancing many of the park’s existing qualities. Small allotment gardens, DIY buildings and a lush natural growth have thus been preserved while introducing the activity path, which is the main artery running dynamically through Remiseparken.The path creates a high degree of connectedness among the different activities, areas and the three landscape types dividing the park; the cultural landscape, the activity landscape and the natural landscape. The different nature types are enhanced and strengthened with a particular focus on climate and biodiversity, which means that the park forest has become both an adventurous place for exploration and a central element in local rainwater management.

Authors: BOGL
Photo Credit: COAST Studio
Country: Denmark


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