2022 The Tikkurila River Park

The Tikkurila River Park is located by the Keravanjoki River in the centre of Tikkurila in Vantaa. The old industrial area is now dedicated to recreational use as a green riverfront park. The new landscape architecture combines the area’s diverse nature and industrial history.

The plan aimed to guarantee the wellbeing of all species in the area. The Tikkurila Dam was removed and water now flows freely, enabling the natural migration of the trout. Also, the riverbank’s large trees with great ecological value were preserved.

The park’s new features integrate subtly into the landscape, taking into account erosion and occasional flooding. Sitting steps and decks provide access to the water’s edge, and stones from the dam were reused as stepping stones and benches. The stormwater pipes that collect water from the city centre were fitted with a filter system and landscaped underneath the seating areas.

The striped mounds at the nature-themed playground take after the protected Unio crassus mussel that lives in the river. The mussels were relocated during construction only to be returned after completion. The special tree-shaped light pole with birds adds to the park’s charm.

Authors: Milla Hakari, Loci Landscape Architects Ltd.
Photo Credit: Pyri Kantonen
Country: Finland


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