2022 Tondiraba Nature Park

Tondiraba park is 29 ha big and it is one of the biggest nature parks in the Baltics. It is situated in Lasnamäe, Soviet era block building district, the biggest district in Tallinn with 100.000 inhabitants, but it is lacking quality public space. Tondiraba area is a former bog that was used as a building material dumping site for years. Since it has not been used for decades unique nature situation has been developed there. With landscape project we managed to preserve most of the wasteland nature values and to add some more characters to raise the biodiversity of the park: ponds were cleaned to make better habitat for amphibians. 40000 sqm meadow areas were created to improve pollinators’ life.To improve lizard’s environment sunny areas were created and piles of rocks placed near their habitat. Keeping all the nature values in mind activity areas were designed for all people and needs: nature trails and quiet spots, sports activities, playgrounds, dog walking areas, pumptrack, skatepark, ice-skating ring, volleyball and basketball field, nature observation spots and other.

Authors: Heiki Kalberg, Tanel Breede, Merle Karro Kalberg (AB Artes Terrae)
Photo Credit: Heik i Kalberg and Tallinna Teede AS
Country: Estonia


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