2022 Vestenpark Hendrik Speecqvest, Mechelen Belgium

The redevelopment of the Hendrik Speecqvest is the first realization of the Vestenpark, based on the concept that OMGEVING and Mint drew up for AWV (Road and Traffic Agency) in 2012. The new park counts as a preview of what the Vests can mean for the future of the city of Mechelen. Half of the park is situated on the roof of an underground car park, the ingenious roof structure and thoughtful planting ensure unity with a clear coordination between the lower and upper structures.

Vestenpark and Vestenboulevard design

The Tangent to the east of the city will largely take over the transit function for motorized traffic, freeing up a considerable amount of space on the Mechelse Vesten. A continuous park structure with more space for cyclists and public transport will become the new identity for one of the most characteristic spaces of the city. This intervention restores the balance between circulation and accommodation. The new, robust green structure softens the urban heating effect and is thus used to make Mechelen more climate adaptive.

Hendrik Speecqvest

Approximately half of the Vestenpark of the first phase is partially realized above this underground construction of an underground car park. The ramps and rises are fully integrated in the central park.

Today’s Vesten is a prominent barrier for vulnerable road users. New transverse structures, linked to a linear path structure for cyclists and pedestrians, ensure fluid connections between the various functions and pleasant walking routes from, to and on the Vesten. The design with sitting walls and planting areas accentuates logical walking routes and guides the users, creating safe and legible intersections.

Centrally located on Hendrik Speecqvest, a boules court and a number of picnic benches provide tranquility and relaxation.

location Mechelen, Belgium
client City of Mechelen
surface area 1.67 ha
schedule public green roof park, infrastructure and drainage works, park design
tasks design, technical detailing, site supervision
partnership D+A Consult

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Country: Belgium


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