2022 Waltrovka Park and District


The Waltrovka Park is part of a new neighborhood of administrative, residential and family houses with a kindergarten. It is located in the former industrial area of the famous Walter factory, producing motorcycles and aircraft engines. Only a fraction of the original industrial buildings have survived which has made the effort to foster the identity of the site through the public spaces of the district and the adjacent park even more urgent.

A team of Czech and Slovak landscape architects has designed the linear park, the public spaces of the streets, the garden of the kindergarten and most importantly also the park on the hill as a site with a strong respect for the existing post-industrial landscape. By retaining the original character of the hill with its wild trees and shrubs, using materials and elements from the former factory, along with the use of original gazebo and land-art elements for play, a popular urban park was created. The preserved bunkers, the found original
factory logo and the natural amphitheater made from the materials of the old factory are now surrounded by flowering meadows and wild vegetation. The attention to natural elements, the emphasis on interconnections with the surroundings, and respect for the compositional links and character of the site make it a unique place in the whole city of Prague.

Authors: TERRA FLORIDA krajinářští architekti a 2ka Landscape Urban Architects
Photo Credit: Photo 1-2: Martin Micka Photo 3-4 Marie Moravcova
Country: Czech Republic


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