A resilient and bio-enhanced urban oasis in Tel Aviv

The Lev Levontin mixed-use project in Tel Aviv, Israel is a 72-unit housing project above a commercial façade. The buildings unique typology, driven by a triangular corner lot created an internal micro walled garden, on structure.

A multidisciplinary team of designers and scientists developed a creative approach to meet the gardens’ aggressive challenges: its form, scale, light conditions, and deliver a cozy, intimate, and pleasant environment.

A series of green infrastructure strategies including air Condition Condensate Harvesting created a self-sustained urban oasis where the tenants “produce” the water that brings life and nature into the heart of the walled garden.

Inspired by Burle Marx’s planted concrete walls, the landscape architect collaborated with marine biologists to develop innovative bioactive wall tiles. The same material that will provide coastal resilience to New York brings climatic resilience to this Tel Aviv garden.

Though completed in 2016, the walled garden remains an outdoor laboratory with ongoing climate, concrete, and water related research coordinated with the developer and property manager, a major quality and achievement of this residential project.

Authors: Studio Urbanof Landscape architects
Photo Credit: Studio Urbanof Landscape architects
Country: Israel


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