Atlas of Borderscape

Focus on the study “Increasing the value of the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area landscapes”: In the framework of the European Landscape Convention, the study “Increasing the value of the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area landscapes” aimed at providing first elements to encourage public authorities to adopt policies and measures at local, regional and cross border level for protecting, managing and planning landscapes so as to maintain and improve landscape quality and bring the public, institutions and local and regional authorities to recognize the value and importance of landscape and to take part in related public decisions. The integration of the landscape dimension in the preparation of spatial management policies, both general and sectorial, will lead to a better protection and management of natural heritage in the cross border area.

In the framework of this study, the following tasks has been completed:

  • An analysis of the current legislative situation concerning landscapes protection and management in Romania and Bulgaria
  • A methodology for the inventory, evaluation and classification of the landscapes in the cross border area
  • A landscape atlas of the cross border area
  • A technical documentation for the implementation of panoramic viewpoints
  • A report with recommendation of policies, measures and projects for the landscapes’ protection and the promotion.

Authors: SC Detente Consultants srl - Benabdallah Jamil, Dragoman Sabin, Iute Alexandru, Ditoiu Bogdan, Rulinska Sasha, Lozeva Chana - SC Atelier foaie verde srl - Nicolas Triboi, Alina Adascaliței, Hugo Receveur, Mihai Culescu, Diana Culescu, Ioana Streza, Pierre
Photo Credit:
Country: Romania


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