Bjerkedalen Park

Bjerkedalen Park has become a new park in conjunction with Groruddalsatsningen on the outer regions of Oslo. The park has become the new meeting place in a district with few parks and plazas.


A terraced pavilion provides functions such as an amphitheater with a view, café, restrooms, waste management around a large café plaza, acting as the parks central point. A central promenade and many smaller tour paths create a continuous trail network with universal design with maximum 5% slopes.


Hovinbekken was daylighted August 1, 2013 after 50 years diverted in a pipe underground! It now runs open for 300m and accounts for a 15m height difference between Refstadveien and Nordalveien. Rapids, deep pools and small waterfalls create the perfect environment for fish in this ecologically-based project. A green canal with steps and seating edges down to the water are additionally a piece of the café plaza. The bathing dam to the south has a swimming depth of 3m and has become an attraction on warm summer days.


The planted riverbanks are planed with native, water-loving species such as elm, cherry, alder and willow create a green strip along the water’s stretch. Colorful deciduous trees such as oak, linden and maple are planted along the slopes as reference to southeastern Norway’s warm-loving conditions. 12 acres of flowering meadow and 6 acres of lawn provides green surfaces. Nearly 50,000 perennials are planted; irises blooms and brook bloom light up along the stream, while cranesbill, daylily and solbrud introduce bright colors within the 9 groves. The 50,000 planted perennials work as undergrowth and lush groundcover in addition to flowering meadow and fields.

Authors: Filter arkiteker, Architect Lighting desin: Ljos Water design: Rosim Engineer: Sweco Norge Landscape architect: Dronninga landskap Landscape gardner: Steen & Lund
Photo Credit: Camilla Jenssen
Country: Norway


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