Blue and Green Corridors in the City of Edessa

The project is a part of proposed green network development strategy for the city of Edessa, in the Northern part of Greece. It was funded by the National Strategic Development Feramework and aimed to enhance and protect the environmental and ecological aspects, preserve tradition, satisfy societal needs and improve the economic standards of the area. An innovative landscape strategy was proposed identifying, redesigning and connectiong blue and green corridors, parks, urban hubs and focal points of Edessa. Old pathways and traces of the existing natural and historical landscapes were used as a pattern for the desig of pedestrian routes, corridors and meeting points in order to create continuity in the city. Along the three main waterways/canals, extended walks were designed in order to create an intriguing landscape and invite visitors to explore the city: Canal A is devoted to Art and Culture and creates a journey promoting the cultural and articstic character of the city by intermingling modern and traditional installations and by involving local artists to create modern art in focal points.

Canal B is connected to Nature by introducing a new urban linear park which preserves the existing natural character of the canal and replaces the existing hard materials (asphalt, cement) with local granite, wood and environmental friendly materials. It integrates activities of recreation and education along its route.

Canal C is devoted to History and creates a walkway equipped with series of exhibition points and installations which display the history of Edessa (City of Waters) and is connected to the waterfalls of Eddessa, the key landmark of the city.

Finally, a series of main parks were redesigned and regenerated using contemporary equipment, sustainable materials and indigenous plantings and managed to trasform public areas into interactive community spaces for different age groups at various day times, accomplishing water an dopen spaces continuity in the city.


Project leader: Dr. I.A. Tsalikidis, Prof of Landscape Architecture
M5 Architects: F Papapetrou, Architect Engineer-Landscape Architect
M. Gkoutziamanis, Architect Engineer
Dr D. Metaxas, Agronomist-Landscape Architect, Planting Consultant
Dr M. Lionatou, Agronomist-Landscape Architect, Planting Consultant
A. Sidiropoulos, Architect Engineer

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Country: Greece


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