Brattøra Harbour

Prizes in competitions: City of Trondheim Building Award 2015, Landscape Architecture Prize 2016 of NLA, Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects.

Brattøra as a historical harbour- and industrial area has always had an immense influence on the development of Trondheim. But when the railroad was built in late 1800s, a barrier was created between the city and the fjord.

When Brattøra Free Area opened in 2014, it quickly became a popular place to visit, for walking and experiencing the water, wind and weather at all seasons. The area also creates a long wanted connection between east and west.

To the north lies a long, narrow plateau with a promenade containing elements in the sea: stairs that makes it possible to enter the water, ramps, a pir and a pool for ebb and flow. People are invited to stay and rest, on grass or on sand, or do activities as swimming, jumping, fishing and walking, and at the same time gives room for passing-through on bike or by foot.

The materials used already existed in the area, as the concrete, the green rocks and wood. Because of the amount of wind and the salt-content in the air, the planting is rough, naturally growing without pruning as often seen in other Norwegian coastal areas.

Brattøra Free Area is an example of coastal development which re-establishes the contact between the ocean and the city, and give the citizens back the possibility to walk to the sea and experience the forces of nature up close.

Authors: Landscape architect: SLA Oslo Counselors/advisors: Pir II AS, Norconsult AS, COWI AS, SWECO AS Entrepreneurs: Søbstad AS, Grunnarbeid AS, Implenia AS Landscaper: Grunnarbeid AS Supplier: Buvik lys (lights) Architect : Pir II AS, att. Maryann Tvenning
Photo Credit: Photo 1 © SLA; Photo 2-5 © Matthias Herzog
Country: Norway


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