Brentford High Street ‘Making the Connection’

Brentford has a unique location where the railway, canal network and River Thames meet. This point of exchange, particularly the relationship to water, historically informed Brentford’s Market Town character.

However, its identity has gradually eroded. The ‘make the connection’ projects seek to remake Brentford High Street as a successful, liveable town centre and reassert its sense of place and identity. The design philosophy is rooted in the involvement of local people and in doing so exploring the potential of their environment.

The different threads of the project: the cultural and economic venues of the market place and the sheds; cycling culture initiatives through Brentford works and Brentford Bikes; and walking connections opened up by the sheds project, all pull towards making Brentford a more socially sustainable and liveable place.

The newly configured flexible space accommodates regular markets and events whilst also providing a living room in the town centre with a variety of opportunities for meeting and playing across all generations. Symbolising the shift in transport the car park that was previously central to the market square has been removed and replaced with a flexible public space that can accommodate the market stalls.

Public water play features and a new willow tree reconnect Brentford High Street to its waterside heritage.

Authors: Design Lead / Urban Design / Landscape Architect: Kinnear Landscape Architects
Photo Credit: Grant Smith
Country: United Kingdom


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