Çanakkale Kordon Boyu Waterfront Project

Project area that is titled as Çanakkale Waterfront Promenade (Çanakkale Kordon Boyu), is actively used during all seasons, and continues to function as public space for socializing, meeting, amenity facilitating, and for leisure.

The role of the city of Çanakkale and its vicinities within historical process, and visual interaction with the Gallipoli Peninsula where Çanakkale Wars had been happened makes the waterfront even more significant than actually is. The City Centre and the coastal district are visited by domestic and foreign tourists in a great manner throughout the year.

In this regard, an urban design project reflecting the modern face of the city and connecting strong physical connections with the city, that serves for both Çanakkale people and visitors, to let them enjoy and relax, to solve transportation problems (for pedestrians, vehicles, and bicycles), to have and organize various activities.

A continuous pedestrian circulation system, sitting and relaxation areas, street and boulevard cafes, and urban furniture are designed at the urban area where the clock tower, the urban square, and the passenger pier exist.

Coastal road, Kayserili Ahmat Pasha Street, has been reorganized in order to raise pedestrian comfort (by changing existing pavement material, pedestrian accesses, etc.). The road is banned to vehicular traffic during summer evenings when pedestrian flow and density is high.

Photo Credit: ON TASARIM
Country: Turkey


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