Cartierul Libertatti

Canalul Morii in Reghin is a channel, an old armlet of the river Mures, which was originally used to support various trades of the “lower city” and later on for generating electricity. It flows along the “lower city” few kilometers long, crossing several housing areas.

The proposal of our team deals with the segment of the channel which flows aside the Duzilor (Mulberry) Street and Libertății housing area. In the 80s its banks were stabilized with concrete walls.

After the 90s garages and kiosks were temporarily built on both banks, backwards towards the water, forming a continuous front which led to the “disappearance” of the watershed from the urban landscape.

In the recent years studies were carried out in order to cover the channel and to set up a parking lot.

As a result of our voluntary involvement - an alternative proposal which integrated the watershed in the urban landscape - the local authority adopted the idea and abandoned the covering plan.

The proposed spaces were designed considering the main perspectives, the local urban context, site shape, the needs of the local people and creating new facilities for the neighborhood. 6300 sqm for physical and social activities for all age groups were generated, ramps and stairs for water access, pedestrian bridges that expand in order to create “meeting floors” and not just simple water crossings - platforms/terraces for public services (cafe/cafeteria) that will be generated with time. The vegetation and landscape design followed the same concept of functionality, pedestrian moving patterns, aesthetic effect, recreational and positive ecological climate.

The new options and facilities in the area were adopted with enthusiasm by the local people and the local authority, the water shed was reintegrated in the urban landscape. The “back side” of the blocks of flats in the neighborhood is now transformed in a real meeting point for the residents of the Libertății housing area and the rest of the city.

The work was designed as a pilot project in order to motivate the regeneration of the entire channel course, linking animated public spaces of the “lower city”.

Authors: Arhitectura: arh. Nicolae Milășan, arh. Nagy András, arh. Klaus Birthler Peisaj: dr. peis. Fekete Albert Rezistenta: ing.Jaczint Virág
Photo Credit:
Country: Romania


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