2022 Educational pavilion with a recreational clearing onthe banks of the Vistula River

This project was selected in the competition. It aimed at creating a place for sharing knowledge on surrounding nature in the form of Nature2000 project. The object and the educational clearing represents a formal interpretation of the phenomenon of migration in nature. The pavilion was inspired by a post-glacial rock and it resembles the presence of the glacier migrating in these areas and shaping the landscape of the Vistula valley. The clearing refers to the shape of river shoals and materials migrating there. The project educates about nature and carries the idea of an ecological building. The pavilion does not interfere with the terrain;it is founded on a slab, thus not changing the soil structure and water conditions. It protects against noise from the nearby railway line and stabilizes the temperature in the facility. The paths and all hardened surfaces are permeable.The concept was built in the existing greenery. Trees were not removed while ecological corridors were strengthened with shrubs and biodiversity was enhanced. The project is a response to the contemporary search for a design formula in a landscape of high spatial and natural values.It is a place for education sunken in nature and inspired by it. It is intended for the local community and

Authors: eM4 Pracownia Architektury Brataniec, Marcin Brataniec, Urszula Forczek-Brataniec, Maciej Gozdecki, Damian Mierzwa, Marek Bystron, cooperation: Jan Wojtas, Paulina Nosalska
Photo Credit: Marcin Czechowicz
Country: Poland


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