Exupéry International School

The landscaping concept is designed in accordance with the international education system chosen by the school and kindergarten aimed at helping students develop self-expression abilities, learn to think independently and develop individual personalities. The landscape encourages students to be creative and imaginative. There is no ready-made playground equipment and the alternatives, various natural materials, such as wood, stone, sand, moss, etc., spur creativity and conjure up each child his or her own story.

The territory is divided into 6 parts:

  • Trail of sensation, made of natural materials, the central element being sound;
  • Inner courtyard with 4 thematic areas (village, city, countryside, universe);
  • Forest garden, moss and stone crop to creating a feel of being in a real forest;
  • Apple orchard ensures the interconnection with processes of nature;
  • Experiment fields for observing the growth of vegetation. Outdoor classrooms hornbeam tepees;
  • Rain garden-stone garden with moisture loving plants that receive rainwater from roof of the building.

Authors: Greenery: Ltd. “Labie Koki projekti”: Edgars Neilands, Indra Ledaine Vītoliņa, Zanda Knospiņa Architects: Ltd. “8 A.M.” and Ltd. “Lejnieku projektēšanas birojs”: Juris Lasis
Photo Credit: Labie Koki
Country: Latvia


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