Garden for the Senses at Tallinn Botanic Garden

In 2013 an idea was developed to introduce plants for practical use in new part of Tallinn Botanic Garden. There was also initiative to offer experience with these plants to visitors with special needs. So the two ideas were merged and the new name became Garden of Senses. Besides, the garden is useful for professional and hobby gardeners, medicinal plant lovers, food gourmands, school children, etc.

Garden of the Senses is no ordinary garden, not for Tallinn Botanic Garden or for Estonia. The garden is a voyage in the world of perception. It calls on us to take heed of our senses, manipulate them and develop them. It is first and foremost intended for people with special needs but it really calls on all of us to raise our awareness and hopefully increase our understanding of the needs and challenges faces by disabled people in their everyday activities. The main supporting element of the concept is universal design. The aim is to take into account as wide group of users as possible, no matter their capability either physically or mentally.

The interest from disabled advocacy organizations and their constructive feedback were key elements while preparing this project.

Authors: Kersti Kuus, Kaija Arroval (landscape architects), Ave Visnapuu (gardener)
Photo Credit: Erge Jogela
Country: Estonia


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