The Project forms a continuous area of hiking- and experiencing, from Lillomarka, via Grorudparken to Leirfossen and Hølaløkka. With the river and the water as focal point, the task has been to integrate existing cultural heritage sites along the river into an overall scheme, and to add new attractions.

The river has been opened and made available, and now appears as a living and pulsating waterway where people meet and walk. The vegetation has been carefully thinned to facilitate access to the water.

Measurements to improve the water quality in the river Alna has been implemented. Rainwater runoff from the nearby highway 4 is being led to water purification, infiltration and bio retention sites before entering the river. Storm water constructions have the added benefit of reduced impact of flooding. Water in the open also creates important biotopes for animals and plants. Cleansing of polluted matter from the Grorud dam by help of plants, has been an important part of the project. The soil is stored locally and planted with Salix viminalis to extract the pollution. After 5-6 years the soil is sufficiently clean to be reintroduced, with minimal need of transportation.

New attractions are built in robust, durable materials, gently adaptable to the natural environment. All wood is biologically impregnated. Local granite is used and processed with minimalised need for transportation. Clear boundaries are established between the natural areas and the areas in need of more maintenance.

Authors: Landscape architect LINK Landskap Managing landscape architects: Thormod Sikkeland MNLA, Ole Rydningen, Johann Sverrisson, Jens Lampe Rognstad Counselours/advisers: Multiconsult AS (hydrology), ÅF-Lighting Entreprenør/landscaper: Braathen Landskapsentrepre
Photo Credit: LINK Landskap
Country: Norway


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