Hemgård Landscape Design Tikkuril Market Square and Library Park

The heart of Tikkurila, the administrative center of the city of Vantaa is radically changing from car-dominated area to an urban pedestrian-friendly center with market square, pedestrian streets and central park between the Town Hall and the Library.

City of Vantaa organised a Landscape architectural competition in 2007 as part of the strategy to offer its central areas a new perspective for urban life and social attractiveness. In the first stage, between 2014 and 2016, the underground parking and market square with solid concrete benches and a water pond were completed.

The park’s opening ceremony was in 2017. The design goal for the site, previously a green space dominated by transit and parking, was to transform it into a multi-functional open space for all ages. Playgrounds and a small skating pool are concentrated along the main pathway. The open lawn was formed to a slope towards sun in order to increase the sense of space. This shaping also includes the storm water management system.

Art was an essential and integrated part of the design process. Its concept and solutions are inspired by the 1950´s architecture and the idea of human longing to find one´s home in the rapidly changing environment.

Authors: Principal designer: Hemgård Landscape Design / Gretel Hemgård; Art: Team Art4 / Jaana Brinck, Riikka Latva-Somppi, Merja Ranki, Outi Turpeinen; Light designer Valoa Design; Building designer: Ramboll Finland
Photo Credit: Photo 1,2,3 Gretel Hemgard, Photo 4, 5 Sakari Manninen
Country: Finland


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