Hornsberg and Kristineberg Waterfront Park

Kristineberg and Hornsberg Waterfront Parks In the northwestern part of Kungsholmen, Stockholm, old industrial harbor areas have been transformed into a dense neighborhood with 3,000 homes and 10 000 workplaces. With the Kristineberg and Hornsberg waterfront parks, greenery and a new attractive boardwalk along Ulvsundasjön have been created.

Kristineberg strandpark is based on the baroque park’s grammar and its cultural roots in Kristineberg Castle, whose gardens once stretched down to the water. Three elements form the structure of the park: In the north a continuous vegetation and activity walk. In the south a slope with nature imitating setting inspired by the historic Stockholm School of Landscape Design and adjacent park areas. In the middle a vast lawn in three plateaus cut down to the lake where it ends in large wooden stairs.

Hornsberg Strandpark is more than 700 meters long and consists of four parts. To the west lies a jetty for sunbathing with wooden docks in different lengths. East of it is Kajparterren, a horizontal disc slightly leaning towards the water which depicts the meeting between the street Lindhagensgatan and Ulvsundasjön. The third part is the organic meandering part of the park. Far to the east is an existing part that has been renovated to be more accessible.

Authors Hornsbergs Waterfront Park:

Nyréns Arkitektkontor by Bengt Isling (Project architect), Jacob Almberg, Ronny Brox, Magdalena Franciskovic, Cecilia Jarlöv. Ulrika Lilliehöök, Staffan Malm, Peter Kinnmark Architect MAA

Authors Kristineberg Waterfront Park:

Sydväst arkitektur och landskap by Åsa von Malortie, Per Andersson, Lina Dahlström, Niklas Bosrup, Magnus Svensson, Henrik Sjöman, Maria Ocklin, Helen Mosseby, Jonas Linderholm, Lars Blasberg

External vegetation expert: Roland Gustavsson, SLU Alnarp
Artist play sculpture: Beatrice Hansson
Skate facility: Pivotech design & byggprojektering, John Magnusson och Marcus Christensen
Light design: Ljus & Gestaltning AB, Helena Björnberg

Authors: See above
Photo Credit:
Country: Sweden


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