Jauna Teika (New Teika) – Multifunctional complex

Jauna Teika - multifunctional business, administration and apartment centre. Site is located between 3 neighborhoods: Teika, Ciekurkalns, VEF. It is a story about oneself at 3 spaces: at work, at home and outside.

Places’ identity is defined by 3 neighboring values and personalities related: Cinema Teika (architect Teodors Hermanovskis), Gardens (garden concept by architect Arnolds Lamze) and VEF factory (inventor Valters Capa).

These values are transferred to 3 landscape experiences: Cinema – stories told in pavements, Gardens – large proportion of greenery, Innovations – landscaping details.

Therefore we can say that for new public space: key word is 3 and key shape/element is triangle.

Composition characteristics, choice of materials etc. is based on these elements. The apartment building landscaping tells the story about the gardens – the place where families come together, the space joining neighbors, giving and showing possibilities, educating about the processes in nature. Plants are planned so that blossoming continues throughout the vegetation season – one plant replaces other from early spring and stems of grasses keeps their decorativity also during winter time.

Office building public space is planned according to BREEAM requirements in all aspects. The apartment building outdoor space is inviting to go outside – for meeting, for lunch break, to work - Jauna Teika will be the first outdoor place in Riga where people can charge mobile phoen or PC using using solar energy.

ALPS landscape architects are involved both in construction and also in the maintenance and supervision for this project, which is atypical practice in Latvia.

Authors: Landscape: ALPS Ltd. ; Architecture: Tectum Ltd.
Photo Credit: Kriss Karnitis, Luize Ruksane, Elena Kovalcuk
Country: Latvia


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