Kalasatama park and English square

Kalasatama park and English square are the main public spaces in the heart of Kalasatama, the new densely built residential area in Helsinki. Together they connect a metro station, a service center and shorelines to housing blocks. The park and the square are opening up towards city center of Helsinki and sea with great views.

The design concept of the park and square was inspired by the local history as an archipelago and last 100 years as a harbor. On the other hand the new neighborhood’s city scale with high-rise buildings and the location of the square under the metro and traffic bridges gave an inspiring challenge for the design. Both the park and the square create a large landscape architectural entity that has the same spatial and design principals.

Topography of the site forms large, undulating surfaces reminding of the waves of the sea. Lawn surfaces are tilted towards a storm water retention basin. Vegetation of the area emphasizes the undulating effect.

Large steel structured gate luminaires on the main pathway combining the park and the square together like a backbone. Old harbor structures of the site are preserved as reminiscences of the history. The yellow colour of the old harbor structures is used in details and structures.

Authors: Park: Landscape architecture office Maanlumo Ltd (landscape architecture) in co-operation with Sitowise Ltd (infrastructure and construction planning) Lighting Design Collective Ltd (lighting design); Landscape architecture office Maanlumo Ltd (landscape a
Photo Credit: Krista Muurinen
Country: Finland


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