Kleivodden viewpoint

The project has been designed in close dialog with the surrounding environment. From the rocks framing the construction, to the mountains in the background, the road and above all the ocean, the view and the unique light. Kleivodden was a popular place to stop also before the construction of the new viewpoint.

Because of the road with a simple parking-pocket and the remains of a system for launching rockets, the place was more or less blown to pieces.

From Kleivodden there is a panoramic view to the beaches, mountains and cultural landscape around the village Bleik. But the most important quality is the vision of the mighty ocean with constantly shifting weather and lighting-conditions, including the northern light. The intension with the design was to enhance these qualities.

The site has been given a clean cut and simple design: A terrace was established as a simple large, horizontal deck in grinded concrete. The terrace was raised 15 cm above the road and the parking zone to avoid driving in and to organize the parking. The area is however accessible by wheelchair. To the south of the terrace, a broad staircase has been constructed, leading to the old road and with access to the ocean.

The steps are 12 meter broad and functions as a amfitheater with sheltered places to sit and a fantastic view to the bird-colony island of Bleik. To the north is the former rocket launch ramp blasted into the rocks and later developed into a panoramic ramp.

The areas of concrete are alternated by grinded stones of local granite Lødingen which reflects the light and the sky and provides robust sitting places. All design-elements are made to reflect the mountains surrounding Kleivodden.

Authors: Landscape architect Landskapsfabrikken Project managers: Hugo Fagermo and Hedvig Pedersen, Norwegian Roads Department Landscape architects: Inge Dahlman, Aaste Gulden Sakya, Andreas Nypan Counsellors/advisers: RIB: Dr. Kristsoffer Apeland, att. Snorre Lars
Photo Credit: Photo 1,2,3 Inge Dahlman, Photo 4,5,6 Espen Tollefsen, Photo 7 Roger Ellingsen
Country: Norway


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