Land development project as part of a participatory project "Superścieżka" - Square Eilego

“Superścieżka” is the first placemaking project in Crakow. At the planning stage of the new investments along Powstania Warszawskiego avenue, city officials and private developers, decided to create one unified project of the landscape development for the whole area. The emphasis was put on the physical, cultural, and social identities that define this place in order to support its further development in that direction. That idea was possible to implement thanks to participation workshops with the district inhabitants. Marian Eilie garden square is the first implementation stage of the “Superscieżka” project. The project introduces an alternative communication system that puts an emphasis on improving the comfort of pedestrians and cyclists. In the park, the newly created intimate interiors encourage to rest. The modular concrete benches dedicated to this project and a fountain in the form of a “water mirror” occupy the center of the square.

The playground is made from natural materials. The whole area is complemented by picturesque, naturalistic compositions of attractive all-year plants in the form of the perennial rebate, cover shrubs and numerous plantings of high greenery.

Authors: Pracownia Projektowa ‘Land-Arch’
Photo Credit: Land-Arch
Country: Poland


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