MÁTRAVEREBÉLY – Surrounding of SZENTKÚT Pilgrim Center

The Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Szentkút is one of Hungary’s most important pilgrim center, which is visited by hundred thousand every year. It is a shrinesincethe1300’s, but the current church and friary was only built in the 18th century. At the end of 20th century the grey friars were given back the buildings and they soon decided to execute a large-scale development: beside the refurbishment of the existing buildings this involved establishing new ones and redesigning the surrounding area. One of the key elements was the refurbishment of the procession and gathering area of the pilgrims, which is also a space for open air masses and accommodates the Holly Well. The design team was led by the Architect, Tamás Nagy.

Because of the periodic but very intensive usage, in agreement with the Client, the majority of the area was paved. The beautiful setting in the landscape and the atmosphere of the buildings required natural stone as paving material. The surface got its delicate layout by little changes in size and pattern and by decorations which act as accessible surface. The uniquely designed benches play an important role in function and draw a graphically nice pattern.

Authors: General architect designer Nagy Tamás DLA Landscapearchitect: Geum műterem Kft., Csontos Csenge, Gyüre Borbála, Lád Gergely
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Country: Hungary


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