Murg-Auen-Park, Frauenfield

The fact that all this is now possible on the approximately 44,000 square meter site on the northern outskirts of Frauenfeld is due to the performance of an interdisciplinary team, which initially does not correspond to the usual logic of project development: the focus was not on a need, but rather on a strategy to ensure the continued existence of this former army site.

At first, the idea of the project was to preserve the vacated army area as a “green finger” reaching into the city centre and to protect it in the long term by a clear form of further loss of substance. The multi-layered project was subsequently continued as an interdisciplinary planning in which the various disciplines of civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, landscape design, bridge construction and building construction were brought together under the design direction of Staufer & Hasler Architects to form a unified project.

“Artificial” elements such as the buildings, the industrial canal to be revitalised, the new bridges and paths complement the “natural” elements such as forests and rivers.

As it was a mixture of landscape architecture, infrastructure planning, architecture, flood protection and nature conservation, an interdisciplinary approach was chosen and its mechanics were defined early on in an organisation chart.


Staufer & Hasler Architekten AG | BSA SIA Bauherrschaft: Stadt Frauenfeld und Kanton Thurgau

  • Planungsteam Gesamtleitung, Masterplan und Vorprojekt: Staufer & Hasler Architekten, Frauenfeld
  • Tiefbau und Wasserbau: BHA-Team in Zusammenarbeit mit Fröhlich Wasserbau, Frauenfeld
  • Landschaftsarchitektur: Martin Klauser, Rorschach
  • Brücken und Stege, Bauingenieure Hochbau: Conzett Bronzini Partner, Chur

Authors: Staufer & Hasler Architekten AG | BSA SIA Bauherrschaft: Stadt Frauenfeld und Kanton Thurgau
Photo Credit:
Country: Switzerland


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