Niel Garden Toulouse

The parade ground of the former military barracks, which was closed with a high wall, now becomes a strategic point in the network of footpaths between the Garonne river and the Canal du Midi, Unesco World Héritage.

A flat and uniform space, without surprises becomes a disrupted topography, reminiscent of the ancient relief of this high point. A series of hills provides a variety of views and atmospheres: hollow paths waving between the hills, intimate places, promontories and lookouts, outdoor amphitheater, water mirror, playgrounds and toboggans on the slopes.

The large mineral surface is transformed into a waving and shimmering carpet, with a changing texture that goes from the most mineral, the brick, to the most vegetal areas where the two materials are interposed. It is the brick, emblematic materials of the city of Toulouse that builds paths and fades in the grass A great sun-drenched expanse of asphalt, crushed by the sun, becomes an oasis of greenery and freshness that children and birds freely invade The static space is set in motion.

Authors: Designers: mICHELE&mIQUEL - Michèle Orliac, Miquel Batlle Collaborators: Architech: HERNANDEZ Medina, Alberto, Vegetation: Teresa Galí ARQUITECTURA AGRONOMÍA S.L.P
Photo Credit: mICHELE&mIQUEL
Country: Spain


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