Orchid House. Ecological Park Zire

A unique social and cultural project for the reconstruction of depressed areas in the Center for Creativity and Education, preservation of the cultural heritage of the people of Azerbaijan, with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

The aim of the project is to create a natural environment that inspires and supports creative youth, in an elegant atmosphere with tropical plants and the number of flowering plants year-round. The project has a recreation area near classrooms with a small creek and gazebos, surrounded by a flowering garden. There is also a space for special events – Orchid House. All spaces of indoor garden equipped irrigation, mist and lightening systems.

Authors: Belodedlandscaping, Ludmyla Bilodid, Quirinus van Trigt, Kateryna Cherednyk, Anton Bilodid, Alexander Bereschuk
Photo Credit: Belodedlandscaping
Country: Ukraine


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