A Dimple

A little dimple in the outskirts of a small town. Green sanctuary between a field and a road, is the home for birds and hedgehogs. In the past, people dug a hole in the hillside and later created a garden at the bottom of it. Thin trunks of plum and apple trees stretch skyward and compete for light, their crowns grew together and their branches entwined.

When the trees leaf-out, they create a deep green shade. Uneasy for the light to penetrate through it.

In spring the snowdrops stick out, but in summer the land is relentlessly covered by bishop´s weed/ground elder.

This unique and tranquil place was bought by a very generous man with the intention to keep it as it is. So that no one can destroy it or divide it into plots. Here, the fruit ripens for the birds, nuts are harvested by the squirrels. And it will stay this way.

We carefully read this place and listen to it. We know, we can do slight interventions only. Downward stone steps, a stone wall meandre, by which we´ll create a frog pond with ferns and forget-me-nots, this year.

Then perhaps seats leaning back to the tree trunks and a table, to allow you to sit here in peace for a long while and observe.

More words would be needless. To see this slow process of changing is pure joy.

Authors: Eva Wagnerova. Co-author: Rostislav Zupcka
Photo Credit: Photo 1,2,3 Petr Daniel, Photo 4 Eva Wagnerova
Country: Czech Republic


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