Panorama Business II

Public space on the roof, half plaza – half park was designed to “capture nature a provide urban feeling.”

Landscape concept is based on four basic attributes: COZY, MULTIFUNCTIONAL , INTERESTING and CREATIVE. The main diagonal axis lined up by concrete bench is visually dividing the courtyard in two main halfs. The park and the plaza. Vertically modelated park intended for residents use provides various internal paths with plenty sitting space, playground surfaced with attractive yellow rubber is making the effect even in winter or quality grass areas under the trees. Hardsurfaced plaza intended for office employees with diverse sitting options and fountain creates pleasant outdoor office space under modern shading structures securing users against wind and sun. Bicycle path and sidewalks connected to wider city network created a new visible popular spot in the city.

Authors: 2ka, s.r.o., Peter Pasečný, Ivana Pasečná GFI, a.s., Radoslav Grečmal, Pavol Franko, Ján Ťupek
Photo Credit: Photo 1,2 J&T REAL ESTATE, Photo 3,4,5 Pavol Suško
Country: Slovakia


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